November 28, 2017

What is the image message? What is going on? Do you agree or disagree?  Why? Create 2 hashtags.

Image 1:

The image message is that someone is being forced into dying/is being killed. And instead of lending a helping hand, the other person takes a video/picture so that they can post it online. I disagree with what is happening in this picture because instead of holding a phone out, the third person could be helping the hand up. And the person pointing the gun most likely doesn’t even have a good, morally right reason. This could be stopped with the correct communication and morals. #ViolenceIsNotTheAnswer #18002738255

Image 2:

The image message is that social media is taking up all of our time. I agree with this picture because people these days are always on their phone, and most likely, social media. For example: Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. #LookAtYourSurroundings #GetOffYourPhone

Image 3:

The image message is that time is money. I disagree with this picture because time could be bad, but it could be good as well. You could be spending time with loved ones, and what’s being wasted with that? Nothing. :).  #TimeIsWhatYouMakeIt #TimeBelongsToTheTimer

Image 4:

The image message is that mostly everyone around us acts as someone they aren’t and they plaster on all of this makeup and get plastic surgery and it completely ruins who they are on the inside. This image is showing that you have the CHOICE to be who you are, that you can decide who you want to be. You don’t have to be someone you aren’t to be appreciated and loved by those who really matter. #BeautyIsOnTheInside #BeYou


November 16, 2017 (T.E.D. Talk)

Name of Speaker: Susan Cain

1) The speaker’s main statement in this T.E.D. Talk was to reach out to people and to talk to them about introverted people.

2) This speaker captured me by opening up her speech with a story that connects to what she is addressing.

3) This person uses a lot of gestures and walks back and forth on the stage as to engage every single person in the crowd.

4) Susan is a good ethos speaker because she tells stories that make people relate both to her and her subject matter.

5) Susan appealed to both pathos and logos. I found pathos to be more efficient because I related on an emotional level.

6) I would ask Susan why she chose this subject matter.

7) People that aren’t introverts.

8) Her emotion towards what she was talking about made me, as an ambivert, want to speak out more.

9) The speaker challenges me to think about what I’m saying and makes me want to think when I speak about if I’m even being heard.

Cloning: Threat Or Opportunity?

What would happen if your genes were transferred to a new human egg?

A clone or copy of your original organism would develop.

What are some potential benefits of cloning?

It can help people with serious illnesses.

What impact could cloning have on the food we eat?

It could clone the better food that we eat so that there’s more of it.

If you could design an army of clones, what features would they have?

They would all have black hair and blue eyes.

Potentially, what could go wrong if people were able to clone their pets?

They wouldn’t know which one was the original. They wouldn’t be able to love the original like it needs to be loved. They would spend more money.

November 8, 2017

What Is An American?

  1. What are some examples of traditions that are uniquely American?

Celebrating Thanksgiving, playing jazz music, and wearing jeans.


2. What are some elements of American culture that originate in other cultures?

Traditional meals, music, holidays, etc..


3. What are some values that might be considered typically American?

Being materialistic.


4. Does culture divide people or bring them together?

It depends on how open the people of the culture are. Usually, it does.


5. What makes American culture complex?

The fact that a lot of the American culture comes from a mixture of other cultures.

~ October, 27, 2017 ~

If you were the ruler of the world, what things would you banish absolutely for all time? Make a list. Be creative!


I would banish:

  • Homework
  • Mondays
  • People with bad morals
  • People with a bad attitude
  • Cans being able to cut you
  • Gender roles
  • People who hate the LGBT+ community
  • Paper cuts
  • Accidental death
  • Violence
  • Rika
  • Snakes
  • Paranoia
  • Sleep-Deprivation
  • The ability to lie on the internet
  • Hate
  • Mr. Stanton